NZ Environmental staff and contractors have managed the realignment of the road and penstock and restoration planting in lower montane zone where the Cleardale hydro-station was built in 2010. The power station is operated on private land generating power and providing metered water supply to irrigate crops on the owner's farm. MainPower owns the power station and manages the electricity it generates. The Cleardale power station diverts water from the upper reaches of Little River and passes the water through penstocks and returns the water to the same river 300 metres down gradient of the intake. The plant generates up to 1MW of electricity and produces enough power on average to satisfy the needs of 4-500 homes. The Cleardale scheme is a good example of cooperation in utilizing resources for the good of both the landowner and the public with minimal environmental effects.

Tricia collecting silver tussock (Poa cita) seed for the hydro-seeding of areas where planting is not practical.

Amenity planting by the station three years on.